Raidable Bases


Raidable Bases is a mod made by nivex. It spawns bases that players can raid and loot.

The current version is the uMod version. This version does not allow for different difficulties. So all the bases are at the same difficulty level. This will be changing in the future.

How To

For now there will always be one raidable base spawned if there is 1 or more players on the server. Once it is raided a new one will spawn at a random location.

You can find the current location by looking at your map. The icon will appear as a red shopping cart icon with a Green circle.

There is a notification server wide of a new Raidbase event with the location of the base.

Just head on over to it. Be warned though that you may encounter other players. PVP is encouraged.

You will know it is the Raidable Base due to it being surrounded by Ice Walls. Also when you enter the event zone you should see a message on your screen informing you that you are in the zone.

There are a few NPC defenders so come prepared!

The raid is considered successful once the Tool Cupboard is destroyed and the loot boxes are looted.


Admin will only help if there is an issue.

If your just learning and have no friends the admin can assist and whatever loot is available is for the player to keep.

By Assist, I mean no tools or items will be provided. The player will provide that on their own. Admin will assist with whatever items they have that was not spawned by admin commands.